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Magnetic Flux (φ) and Flux Density ()

Magnetic flux is defined as the group of magnetic field lines emitted outward from the north pole of a magnet. It is measured in webers and is denoted as φ.


Note: Weber is the unit of magnetic flux. Weber may be defined in terms of Faraday's law, as the amount of flux that induce an electromotive force of one volt when cut by a varying magnetic flux through a loop to the electric field around the loop per second.
Tesla is the unit of magnetic flux density. It is defined as the magnetic flux density that produces aforce of one Newton per metre in a conductor carrying a current of one ampere at right angles to the magnetic field.
Maxwell, abbreviated as Mx, is the compound derived CGS unit of magnetic flux. The unit was previously called a line. In a magnetic field of one gauss strength (or tesla), one maxwell is the total flux across a surface of one square centimetre perpendicular to the field.
1 weber = 108 maxwells = 108 magnetic field lines

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