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Solved Problems-1

Determine the maximum number of half cycles of electric field with which it may propagate in a waveguide with a wall separation of 5 cm at a frequency of 10 GHz. Calculate the guide wavelength for this mode of propagation.
Here, we have to find the largest value of n for which the cut-off wavelength is greater than the free-space cut-off wavelength.
Free-space wavelength, Description: 44554.png
For n = 1, cut-off wavelength, Description: 44546.png
For n = 2, cut-off wavelength, Description: 44538.png
For n = 3, cut-off wavelength, Description: 44529.png
For n = 4, cut-off wavelength, Description: 44519.png
Hence, the maximum value of n is, Description: 44512.png.
Guide wavelength for n = 3, is,
Description: 44504.png

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