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Solved Problems-13

An air-filled rectangular waveguide of 5 cm × 2 cm cross section is operating in the TE10 mode at a frequency of 4 GHz. Determine
  1. the group velocity
  2. the guide wavelength
  3. the attenuation to be expected at a frequency which is 0.95 times the cut-off frequency (assuming the guide walls to be made of perfect conductors)
Here, a = 5 cm, b = 2 cm, f = 4 GHz, m = 1, n = 0
The cut-off frequency is given as,
Description: 43274.png
The group velocity is given as,
Description: 43267.png
The guide wavelength is given as,
Description: 43259.png
For attenuation, the operating frequency is,
Description: 43251.png
The propagation constant is given as,
Description: 43243.png
Since, the propagation is purely real, the attenuation constant is 19.62 Np/m

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