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Solved Problems-2

A parallel plane waveguide consists of two shells of good conductors separated by 10 cm. Find the propagation constant at frequencies of 100 MHz and 10 GHz when operated in TE1 mode. Does the wave propagate in each case?
Here, a = 10 cm = 0.1 m, and for TE1 mode, n = 1
Hence, the propagation constant is given as,
Description: 44496.png
Since, Description: 44489.png
At frequency, f = 100 MHz, Description: 44481.png
At frequency, f = 10 GHz, Description: 44472.png
At frequency, f = 100 MHz, the propagation constant is real, i.e., phase shift is zero Description: 44462.png So, wave propagation does not take place at this frequency. However, at frequency, f = 10 GHz, the propagation constant is imaginary, i.e. Description: 44455.png. So, wave propagation takes place at this frequency.

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