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How Poor Data can Affect Business

  • Poor Data can impact your financials: increase operating costs, increase penalties, delays in
  • cash flows
  • Loss of Confidence of management reporting, low confidence in forecasting
  • Customer Satisfaction goes down
  • Impacts Credit Assessment
  • Impacts Productivity negatively
  • Compliance is jeopardized

Common Issues Resulting in Data Errors

  • Data Entry Errors
  • Duplicate Records
  • Missing Data
  • Nonstandard Formats
  • Inconsistent Data
  • Failed identity management processes
  • Complex data transformations
  • Undocumented, incorrect or misleading metadata

Key Dimensions Characterizing Acceptable Data

  • Accuracy
  • Completeness
  • Consistency
  • Reasonableness
  • Currency
  • Uniqueness
  • Other Dimensions of Data Quality

Operational Data Governance

  • Operational Data Governance is the manifestation of the processes and protocols necessary to ensure that an acceptable level of confidence in the data effectively satisfies the organization’s business needs
  • It governs the roles, responsibilities associated with the quality of data
  • Data Quality and Data Validation are two different things:
    • Data Validation
      • Process reviews and measures conformance of data with a set of defined business rules
    • Data Inspection
      • Reduce the number of errors to a reasonable level
      • Identify errors and have a systematic approach to correct them
      • Set time bounds to mitigate the cause of the error

Data Metrics

  • Base-Level Metrics – Measures against defined dimensions of data
  • Complex Metrics – using functions of sums or weights
  • Viewpoints where data metrics can be reported:
    • By Issue
    • By Business Process
    • By Business Impact



  • A quality scoreboard:
    • Hierarchical rollup of metrics should reflect in the scorecards
    • Definitions
    • Appropriate level of presentation depending on the intended audience

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