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The Sort presents a combo box containing a list of table fields in a table. You can choose an item in the combo and the table will be sorted in ascending order or descending order according to the item selected.
There’s a basic calculator for the Integrated Reasoning section. So, you wouldn’t need to do all calculations manually, unlike the Quantitative section, which does not have a calculator.
You need to click on the calculator button in the upper left corner of the screen to open the calculator. The basic, self-explanatory calculator will have the following functions:

Addition (+ button)

Subtraction (– button)

Multiplication (* button)

Division (/ button)

Square root (sqrt button)

Percent (% button)

Reciprocal (1/x button)

Memory buttons (MC, MR, MS, and M+) are also available to store intermediate values during a calculation.

The following operation buttons are available:


Backspace—clear the last digit entered

CE—clear current entry

C—start a calculation over

Description: Calculator

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