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Format of the Integrated Reasoning Section

Unlike other types of questions on the GMAT, Integrated Reasoning questions can vary dramatically in style, but all the questions involve interpreting information contained in charts, graphs, tables, and other sources.

The Integrated Reasoning section will be the second section of the test. It spans 30 minutes and takes the place of one of the GMAT essays. Officially, there are only 12 questions, pretty good to know. However, most of those questions have multiple parts, so you will actually have more than 12 queries to respond to, bad news.

Unlike the Quantitative and Verbal sections, the Integrated Reasoning section is not adaptive. So, you won’t see harder questions if you keep answering questions correctly, or you won’t see easier ones if you answer one wrongly. So, work the easier questions first. Don’t get stubborn; you will have many questions to respond to.

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