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On the CAT, you cannot skip questions; each question must be answered before moving on to the next question. However, if you can eliminate even one of the answer-choices, guessing can be advantageous. We’ll talk more about this later. Unfortunately, you cannot return to previously answered questions.

On the test, your first question will be of medium difficulty. If you answer it correctly, the next question will be a little harder. If you again answer it correctly, the next question will be harder still, and so on. If your GMAT skills are strong and you are not making any mistakes, you should reach the medium-hard or hard problems by about the fifth problem. Although this is not very precise, it can be quite helpful. Once you have passed the fifth question, you should be alert to subtleties in any seemingly simple problems.

Often students become obsessed with a particular problem and waste time trying to solve it. To get a top score, learn to cut your losses and move on. The exception to this rule is the first five questions of each section. Because of the importance of the first five questions to your score, you should read and solve these questions slowly and carefully.

Because the total number of questions answered contributes to the calculation of your score, you should answer ALL the questions—even if this means guessing randomly before time runs out.

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