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What Methodology Should be Used to Analyze Integrated Reasoning Problems?

There are two things you need to analyze when solving the integrated reasoning problems.
  1. LINKS—By what parameters would you link different views.
  2. PROTOCOLS—What’s the way to understand data presented in different views.
These two are the only skills you need to develop before facing the Integrated Reasoning Section.

We need to capture the protocols from the figures that are given to use in Integrated Reasoning problems. Try to understand what the information in the figures is telling you.
For example, a table can imply that the rows of the table are related or the columns of the table are related. A Pie-Chart t tells you the distribution of a quantity. A general graph implies that the quantity on along the y-axis is related to the quantity along the x-axis in the manner shown.

As you study this chapter, look for the protocols in the following figures: Histogram, xy-plotter, Logical games, Verbal problems, Multi-dimensional tables, Venn diagrams, Flow-charts, and other figures.

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