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How to Use this Course


The three parts of this course—(1) Math, (2) Verbal, and (3) Writing — are independent of one another. However, to take full advantage of the system presented in the course, it is best to tackle each part in the order given.


This course contains the equivalent of a 6-week, 50-hour course. Ideally, you have bought the course at least four weeks before your scheduled test date. However, if the test is only a week or two away, there is still a truncated study plan that will be useful.

Shortened Study Plan
For a truncated 1-2 week study the following are important topics that you should cover - 


  • Substitution
  • Math Notes
  • Quantitative Comparisons
  • Geometry
  • Graphs



  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Completions



  • General Tips on Writing Your Essays
  • Analyze an Issue
  • Analyze an Argument

The GRE is not easy—nor is this course. To improve your GRE score, you must be willing to work; if you study hard and master the techniques in this course, your score will improve—significantly.

User Testimonials

Here is what other GRE aspirants had to say about this app - 

Muzaffar Ismailov
"Excellent app - This app by far the best one. I tried many of GRE prep apps but this app is really great and useful one as it covers all there is to know on the test. Thank you for creating such a practical GRE prep application."

Shenise Jackson

"Amazing App - This is the best app I have found to use while studying. I like how the explain each topic and give examples with the answers and explanation. This is the app to use when studying on the go."

Felix Asmah

"Very Good
Very helpful especially for those constantly on the go. With this app, I am able to study while working at the office or on my way home"

We hope you also have a fruitful experience learning from our course.

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