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Computer Screen Options

When taking the test, you will have six on-screen options/buttons:

  • Quit
  • Section
  • Time
  • Help
  • Next
  • Confirm
  • Tag
  • Calculator

Unless you just cannot stand it any longer, never select Quit Section. If you finish a section early, just relax while the time runs out. If you’re not pleased with your performance on the test, you can always cancel it at the end.


The Time button allows you to display or hide the time. During the last five minutes, the time display cannot be hidden and it will also display the seconds remaining.


The Help button will present a short tutorial showing how to use the program.


You select an answer-choice by clicking the small oval next to it.


To go to the next question, click the Next button. You will then be asked to confirm your answer by clicking the Confirm button. Then the next question will be presented.


The Tag button allows you mark a question for later review.


The Calculator button presents an on-screen calculator.

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