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Consider the Argument prompts below and, using the five steps we have discussed, practice analyzing some arguments.




The manager at WKAM radio station recently sent out a memo that included the following: 


“At the beginning of this past year, we removed ‘‘Fred Kalin’’s Sports Talk' from the 11:00 news. Since then, our ratings have gone down. Therefore, we will reinstate Fred’’s spot so that our ratings will be revived.””


The following is from a letter from the Barrow County School Board:


““Two years ago, we formed a committee whose sole purpose is to examine area schools and identify potential problems. This year, the committee’’s study noted that the 10 worst schools were run by principals with the least experience. Next year, these principals will be replaced by people with more experience so that the schools will begin to improve”.””


The following appeared in a letter from Smiler Toothpaste’’s marketing department to its CEO:


““Glamour Teeth just introduced Mr. Tooth in their new advertising campaign. Mr. Tooth is a cute cartoon tooth who encourages everyone to try the new Glamour Teeth toothpaste. Since the new ad campaign began, sales of the new Glamour Teeth toothpaste have risen 67%. We should develop our own cartoon mascot to star in a new ad campaign. This would give our sales the boost they need to compete with or even surpass Glamour Teeth’’s sales.””


The following appeared in a business plan for ABC Company, located in Hankville:


““All of the successful small businesses in the neighboring town of Sharpston are familyowned. Since we are a small business, if we want to be successful, we should offer employment to family members of any employees we hire. This will create a more family-oriented atmosphere.””


Health stores get most of their business from people who are into fitness. Therefore, when considering where to locate, a health store should open only in towns where sports equipment stores flourish and fitness centers are full.

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