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New Strategies


Remember—the new GRE is not a Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT), so your test-taking strategy will change with that knowledge.


For one, every question will be weighted the same, which means no more spending the most time on the first questions and skimming the last ones with your remaining minutes. One benefit of this new format is you will be less likely to psyche yourself out over the first questions, wondering if you have doomed your score from the very beginning, before you’ve gotten comfortable with the test.


Also, you will now be able to skip, revisit, and revise answers to questions. Just like if you were taking a paper test, you will be able to work at your own pace and answer the questions in any order. Plus, this also opens up the opportunity of using test-taking strategies you may have used throughout school, such as answering all of the questions you know confidently first, then working your way through questions of medium-difficulty, and saving the most challenging questions for last. With the knowledge that every question is weighted equally, you won’t have to worry about the harder questions affecting your score more than the easier ones.

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