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Lexical Analysis

This is the first phase of a compiler and this reads the input characters from left to right and creates a sequence of tokens. These tokens are used by the parser for syntax analysis.

The schematic representation is given below,




Table: Showing Token, Patterns and Lexeme

Regular Expression

Regular expression can be called as a notation which is used in describing all the languages that can be built from these operators applied to symbol of some alphabet.

The two rules which form the basics are,

  1. if ε is a regular expression , then L(ε) is {ε} where ε is the only sole member in empty string.
  2. If a is a symbol ε, then regular expression L(a) = {a} that is the language with one string, length one and position one.

Regular Definitions

The regular definition is a type of regular expression used for notational convenience. If ε is an alphabet of basic symbols, then a regular definition is a sequence of the form,

d1 → r1

d2  r2

dn → rn

where, each di is a new symbol, not in ε and not same as any other of the d’s and

each ri is the regular expression over the alphabet ε U {d1,d2,d3……di-1}

Recognition of tokens

The piece of code which is given as the input to lexical analyzer matches for the pattern and returns the respective tokens. For example,

 if expr then stmt

| Elsestmt

| ε

 term relop term

| term


| number

In this the terms if, then, else, relop, id and number are the names of the tokens as the lexical analyzer is concerned and these are the reserved words.

Transition diagrams


Transition diagrams have a collection of nodes, edges, where nodes are called stated.



Finite automata

Finite automata can be further divided into,

  1. Nondeterministic finite automata (NFA) can have multiple paths and have ε labeled edges. These edges are called ε - transitions. Some of the characters can label 2 or more edges out of the same state. Example,
  2. Deterministic finite automata(DFA) , no edges are labeled with ε and each character can label at most one edge out of same state. DFA has one unique path.

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