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A measure of how well a component “fits together”.A component should implement a single logical entity or function.Various levels of cohesion have been identified

  • Coincidental cohesion (weak)
    Parts of a component are simply bundled together.
  • Logical association (weak)
    Components which perform similar functions are grouped.
  • Temporal cohesion (weak)
    Components which are activated at the same time are grouped.
  • Communicational cohesion (medium)
    All the elements of a component operate on the same input or produce the same output.
  • Sequential cohesion (medium)
    The output for one part of a component is the input to another part.
  • Functional cohesion (strong)
    Each part of a component is necessary for the execution of a single function.
  • Object cohesion (strong)
    Each operation provides functionality which allows object attributes to be modified or inspected.

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