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Developing A Document Flow Diagram

Example Word Statement

“Our company receives many items from several vendors each accompanied by a delivery note. A receiving office receives the item and checks the delivery note with corresponding order. Any discrepancy is reported to purchase office. The items received along with items received note (with details of items) is sent to the inspection office.”


Entities Identified – Vendors, Receiving office, Inspection office

Documents Indentified - Delivery note, discrepancy note, Items
Received note.

Using these a document flow diagram is drawn.

The diagram is interpreted as follows:

  1. Vendors deliver items to receiving office accompanied by a delivery note
  2. Receiving Office sends items to inspection office along with an items received note
  3. Receiving office sends discrepancy note to Purchase office

ENTITIES: Vendor, Receiving office, Inspection office and purchase office

DOCUMENTS: Delivery note, Items received note and discrepancy note.

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