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Information Gathering

Information Gathering Strategies

The strategy consists of identifying information sources, evolving a method of obtaining information from the identified sources and using an information flow model of organization.

Information Sources

The main sources of information are users of the system, forms and documents used in the organization, procedure manuals, rule books etc, reports used by the organization and existing computer programs(If Any).

Feasibilty Analysis

Feasibility analysisis used to assess thestrengths and weaknesses of a proposed project and give directions of activities that shall improve a project and achieve desired results.

Requirements Determination Sub-activities :

  1. Requirements Anticipation. The systems analyst hypothesizes that particular requirements are relevant based on his or her previous experience with other similar systems and knowledge about the problem domain.
  2. Requirements Elicitation. The systems analyst uses this activity to gather the essential requirements from the user employing a variety of techniques, such as interviews, questionnaires, group brainstorming meetings, and voice and e mail.
  3. Requirements Assurance. The systems analyst uses the activity of requirements assurance to validate and verify the requirements with the user as being the real and essential requirements. A user walk through in which the systems analyst and the user together review documented requirements in detail is one assurance technique.
  4. Requirements Specification. This is the activity that the systems analyst uses to explicitly catalog and document the requirements either during or after the elicitation and assurance activities.

Methods Used To Gather An Information System’s Requirements

Interviews involve at least one systems analyst and at least one user conversing about the information system’s requirements. Interviewing for requirements is similar to your interviewing for a job position or a television talk show host interviewing a guest.

 is the act of the systems analyst going to a specific location to observe the activities of the people and machinery involved in the problem domain of interest.

 are feedback forms designed to gather information from large groups of people.

Creating a prototype of the information system can be done on an individual level or in a group setting. The idea is to explore system alternatives by developing small working models of the proposed system so that user reactions can be gathered.

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