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Profit and Loss percentage

Description: 842.png 
Description: 847.png 
Goods passing through successive hands
When there are two successive profits of a% and b%, then the resultant profit per cent is given by Description: 852.png 
When there is a profit of a% and loss by b% in a transaction, then the resultant profit or loss per cent is given by Description: 857.png,
Marked Price : The price on the lable is called the marked price or list price.
The marked price is abbreviated as M.P.
Discount : The reduction made on the ‘marked price’ of an article is called the discount.


NOTE : When no discount is given, ‘selling price’ is the same as ‘marked price’.
  • Discount = Marked price × Rate of discount.
  • S.P. = M.P. – Discount.
  • Discount % =Description: 862.png.

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