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Mean, Median, Mode

mean 530.png= 535.png

Median :
 Median is the middle term in the collected data. In case of even number of terms, take average of middle terms.

median =

  • L-lower limit of median class
  • N-total frequency =  fi
  • h -width of median class.
  • C-cumulative frequency upto class preceding median class
  • f -cumulative frequency of median class

Mode : It is the value that occur most frequently or it is the value with maximum frequency.

mode =
545.png × h

  • L-lower limit of class certaining mode
  • fi-maximum frequency
  • fi–1-frequency preceding fi
  • fi+1-frequency just after fi
  • h-size of model class

Points to be noted

  • For asymmetric distribution : mean = medians = mode
  • For normal distribution : mean – mode
    = 3(mean – median).

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