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Operations On Strings

  1. Concatenation
    Let string x of length a and string y of length b, the concatenation of x and y, written as xy, is the string obtained by appending y to the end of x, as in x1 x2, ........ xa y1 y2, ...... yb. and the length of concatenated string will be a + b.
  • Σ being English alphabet, Hello. John = Hello John.
    The concatenation of string x for n times, where n ≥ 0 is denoted by xn.
  • x0 = ε, x1 = x, x2 = xx, .............
  1. Substring
    Let x and y be strings over an alphabet Σ. The string x is called substring of y if there exist strings m and n over Σ such that y = mxn, m and n can be empty strings. ε is a substring of every string and for every string x, x is a substring of x itself.
  • ε, concat, nation and concatenation are substring of concatenation.
  1. Reverse
    The reverse of string x, written as xr is the string obtained by writing x in the opposite order.
  • (hello)r = olleh; (concatenation)r = noitanetacnoc
    The set of strings created from any number of symbols in an alphabet Σ is denoted by Σ*.

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