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XML is a standard for adding structure to data. An XML parser can process an XML document and present the data to an application.


XML Tags

An XML tag is text that begins with a < and ends with a >. Tags are normally paired in which case the closing tag has the same text but begins with a </. Whitespace is allowed before the closing > of a tag, but not immediately after the opening < of a start-tag or the opening </ of a end-tag.


XML Declarations

An XML declaration, if used, must occur at the first character on the first line of the file. The declaration must begin with <?xml and end with ?>. The declaration must identify the version number, and can optionally also specify values for the encoding and standalone attributes, in that order



A namespace allows you to localize elements: the same name can be used in different namespaces to identify different elements. The namespace prefix can then be attached to element names:

<ord:orders xmlns:ord=”http://www.myweb.com/orders” />


<ord:item>Widget 5</ord:item>


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