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Multistage Amplifier Or Cascaded Amplifier


* When amplifiers are connected such that the o/p of 1 is given to the I/p of another, they are said to be cascaded.

* In the Multistage amplifier we get a larger GBW product

  1. Voltage Gain (Av*) :-
    * In a Multistage amplifier voltage gain is increase to a every larger value and ut is equal to the product of individual voltage gain.
    * {Av* in dB = 2010 g10 |Av1| + 20 log10 |Av2| + --- } 
  2. Current Gain of Cascaded Amplifier (AI*) :-
  3. Power Gain AP*:
    * In the Multistage GBW product is constant

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