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Zener Diode

Zener Diode is a special purpose silicon PN junction diode which differs from other diodes in the sense that it operates in the reverse biased mode.

Zener diode is also known as a voltage regulator or voltage reference or breakdown diode.



Fig. : Symbol of Zener Diode



Fig. : V.I. characteristic of Zener Diode



Fig. : Practical zener diode equivalent circuit

Diode Capacitance

The two layers of impurity ions in depletion region act as plates of capacitor. This depletion layer capacitance is also known as junction capacitance.


CT = Junction capacitance

K = constant

VB = Barrier voltage (0.6 for Si and 0.2 for GE)

Vr = Reverse Voltage

n = constant (depends upon the nature of junction)

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