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Important Limits

  1. Description: 413.png 
  2. Description: 418.png 
  3. Description: 423.png 
  4. Description: 428.png 
  5. Description: 433.png 
  6. Description: 438.png 
  7. Description: 443.png 
  8. Description: 448.png 

L-Hospital’s rule

If at x = a, a function f(x) has an indeterminate value such as Description: 453.pngetc. then L-hospital’s rule can be applied.

consider two functions f(x) and φ(x) having value 0 at x = 0, then Description: 458.png

If still f ′ (x) and φ′ (x) has value zero at x = a, then

Description: 463.png and goes on.

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