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Mean Value Theorems

  1. Rolle’s theorem
    If a function f (x) is continuous in a closed interval [ab] i.e. 
    a ≤ x ≤ b, and derivable in open interval (ab) i.e. a < x < b, and if f (a) = f (b), then there exist atleast one real c in (ab) such that f ′(c) = 0
  2. Lagrange’s first mean value theorem
    If a function f (x) is continuous in closed interval [ab] and f’(x) exist in open interval (a, b) then there exist atleast one value of c such that,
    f  (cDescription: 468.png

Standard Integration

  1. Description: 473.png 
  2. Description: 478.pngDescription: 483.png (a = constant)
  3. Description: 488.png  when n = 1, i.e., Description: 493.png
  4. Description: 498.png 
  5. Description: 503.png 
  6. Description: 508.png 
  7. Description: 514.png 
  8. Description: 519.png 
  9. Description: 524.png 
  10. Description: 529.png 
  11. Description: 534.png 
  12. Description: 539.png 
  13. Description: 544.png
  14. Description: 549.png 
  15. Description: 554.png 
  16. Description: 559.png 
  17. Description: 565.png 
  18. Description: 570.png 
  19. Description: 575.png 
  20. Description: 580.png 
  21. Description: 585.png 
  22. Description: 590.png 
  23. Description: 595.png 
  24. Description: 600.png 
  25. Description: 605.png 
  26. Description: 610.png 
  27. Description: 616.png
    u is first function, v is second function. To find first function out of two we follow ‘ILATE’ rule.
    I-Inverse, L-Log function, A-Algebraic function, 
    T- Trigonometric function, E-Exponential function. 

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