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Amplitude Modulation

S(t) = (A + m(t)) cos ωc t



where 454.png is called modulation index.

Power content in AM wave :

s(t) = A cos ωct + m(t) cos ωct

Pt = Pc + Ps

where, Pt = transmitted power

Pc = carrier power

Ps = sideband power

Pt = 459.png

Transmission Efficiency :

 η = 464.png

 η = 469.png

Power of a Single-tone AM signal

Pt = 474.png

where k is the modulation index.


where, It = r.m.s. value of modulated current

Ic = r.m.s. value of unmodulated current.

Power Relation in SSB wave:


PSSB = 489.png

where, k is modulation index.

Pc is carrier power.


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