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  • It is basically a programmable integrated device which has the capacity of computing & decision making & functions as the CPU of a computer.
  • Every microprocessor has a fixed set of instruction in the form of binary patterns known as machine language.

Architecture of 8085 Microprocessor


Fig. : 8085 hardware model


Fig. : Flag register


Fig. : Programming model

8085 Addressing Modes

  1. Immediate addressing
    Example: MVI R,data
  2. Register addressing
    Example: MOV Rd, Rs
  3. Direct addressing
    Example: IN 00H or OUT 01H
  4. Indirect Addressing: This means that the Effective Address is calculated by the processor.

8085 Pin Diagram



Fig. : 8085 Pin diagram

Programming of 8085 Microprocessor

Instruction Set Categories :

  1. Data transfer: One of the most important functions of a microprocessor is copying data from register (I/O or memory) source to another register (I/O or memory) called destination through Data Transfer operators. Main Operations are-

8-Bit Instruction set for Data transfer

16-bit Instruction set for Data transfer

  1. Arithmetic Operation:
  2. Logical Operation:
  3. Branch Operation :

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