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  • It is basically a two-stage switching electronic circuit in which the output of the first stage is fed to the input of the second stage & vice versa.
  • Here, output of two stages are complement to each other.
  • It is of three types: astable, monostable & bistable.

(a) Astable Multivibrator :

  • It is also known as free running multivibrator.
  • It generates square waves without any external triggering pulse.
  • This multivibrator does not have stable states i.e., have two quasi stable states where it switches back & forth from one state to each other.


Fig. : Astable Multivibrator

(b) Monostable Multivibrator :

  • It is also known by the name of monoshot or one-shot multivibrator or univibrator.
  • This multivibrator has one stable state & one quasi-stable state.


Fig. : Monostable Multivibrator

(c) Bistable Multivibrator

  • It is also known as flip flops or Eccles-Jordan circuit.
  • This multivibrator has two stable states.


Fig. : Bistable Multivibrator


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