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Boats And Stream

Stream : It implies that the water in the river is moving or flowing.
Upstream : Going against the flow of the river.
Downstream : Going with the flow of the river.
Still water : It implies that the speed of water is zero (generally, in a lake).
Description: 727.png 
Let the speed of a boat (or man) in still water be
X m/sec and the speed of the stream (or current) be Y m/sec. Then,
  • Speed of boat with the stream (or downstream or D/S) = (X + Y) m/sec.
  • Speed of boat against the stream (or upstream or U/S) = (X – Y) m/sec.
  • Speed of boat in still water is Description: 732.pngDescription: 737.png
  • Speed of the stream or current is Description: 742.pngDescription: 747.png 
  • A man can row X km/h in still water. If in a stream which is flowing of Y km/h, it takes him Z hours to row to a place and back, the distance between the two places is Description: 753.png 
  • A man rows a certain distance downstream in X hours and returns the same distance in Y hours. If the stream flows at the rate of Z km/h, then the speed of the man in still water is given by Description: 758.png
  • And if speed of man in still water is Z km/h then the speed of stream is given by Description: 763.png

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