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When two ratios are equal, the four quantities composing them are said to be in proportion.
If Description: 777.png, then a, b, c, d are in proportions.
Direct proportion : If A and B are directly proportional then we denote it by A Description: 782.png B.
Also, A = kB, k is constant
Some Examples:
  1. Work done Description: 787.png number of men
  2. Cost Description: 792.png number of Articles
  3. Work Description: 798.png wages
  4. Working hour of a machine Description: 803.png fuel consumed
  5. Speed Description: 808.png distance to be covered
Indirect Proportion (or inverse proportion) :
If A and B are indirectly proportional then we denote it by Description: 813.png. Also, Description: 818.png (k is a constant)
Some Examples:
  1. More men, less time
  2. Less men, more hours
  3. More speed, less taken time to be covered distance

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