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A group of components and other physical quantities, which take a signal as an input and transform it into the desired output is known as a system.

  1. Linear and Non-linear Systems : If the system fulfills the following two properties, it is linear, otherwise it is non-linear:
    (a) Additivity:647.png
    (b) Superposition: 657.png 
  2. Time-invariant(Shift-invariant) & Time-variant(Shift-dependent) Systems : The system in which the input and output characteristics don’t change with time is a Time-Invariant system, otherwise it is Time-Variant.
  3. Causal & Non-causal Systems : The system which is independent from its future input value is known as a Causal system, whereas the system, whose present value depends on its future value is a Non-Causal System.
  4. Static and Dynamic Systems : A system whose output value at t = t0 depends on the input value at t = t0 is a Static System, otherwise it is a Dynamic System.
  5. Stable and Unstable Systems : If every bounded input results in a bounded output, the system is called a stable system, otherwise not.
    Amplitude of a bounded signal remains finite. 


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