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Conclusion / Main Point Question

In Main Point /Conclusion questions, you have to identify the conclusion of an argument. You are trying to find the author’s point and should approach this question in a similar way to the reading comprehension main point questions. They come in several different formats:
  • The main point of the passage is that...
  • Which of the following statements about... is best supported by the statements above?
  • Which of the following best states the author’s conclusion in the passage above?
  • Which of the following conclusions can be most properly drawn from the data above?
The conclusion of arguments in Main Point questions is usually not directly stated. To find the conclusion, identify the premises and then identify the conclusion drawn from the premises. Main Point questions differ from the other Critical Reasoning questions in that the argument in the stimulus is usually valid. (In most other Critical Reasoning questions the reasoning is flawed.) Conclusion questions require you to choose the answer that is a summary of the argument.

How to approach “Main Point Questions”:

  • Main Point answers must be within the scope of the passage.
  • Your opinions or information outside of the passage are always outside of the scope.
  • Some of the options given can be out of the scope of the passage.
  • Knock out answers with extreme wording. Main Point answers typically do not use only, always, never, best or any strong words that leave little room.

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