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Evaluation/ reasoning based questions

Reasoning questions ask you to describe how the argument was made, not necessarily what it says. These questions are closely related to assumption, weakening, and strengthening questions. The correct answer identifies a question that must be answered or information that must be gathered to determine how strong the stimulus argument is. The information will be related to an assumption that the author is making. Another type of question that you will encounter asks you to identify a flaw in the stimulus argument. The question tells you that there is a problem with the logic of the argument. You just have to choose the answer that describes the flaw. Here are some examples of the ways in which these questions are worded:
  • How does the author make his point?
  • A major flaw in the argument above is that it...
  • A’s response has which of the following relationships to B’s argument?

How to approach Reasoning Questions

  • Read the argument and find the conclusion.
  • State the reasoning in your own words.

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