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Identify The Assumption

An assumption is an unstated premise that supports the author’s conclusion. It’s the connection between the stated premises and the conclusion. An assumption is something that the author’s conclusion depends upon. Assumption questions are extremely common and have types that look like this:
  • Which of the following most accurately states a hidden assumption that the author must make in order to advance the argument above?
  • Which of the following is an assumption that, if true, would support the conclusion in the passage above?

How to approach “Identify the assumption Questions”

  • Look for gaps between the premises and the conclusion. Ask yourself why the conclusion is true. Before you progress to the answer choices, try to get feel of what assumption is necessary to fill that gap between the premises.
  • Beware of extreme language in the answer choices of assumption questions. Assumptions usually are not extreme. “Extreme” answer choices usually contain phrases such as always, never, or totally.

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