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Areas of plane figures is given by the following table:

Figure Formula Shape
Rectangle Area = Length x Breadth
Diagonal2 =Length2 + Breadth2
Square Area = Side2= 1/2 Diagonal2           
Four walls of a room Area = 2(Length +Breadth) Height                        
Triangle with sides a, b, c Area = s(s-a) (s-a)(s-c)
Where s = 1/2 (a+ b+ c)
Triangle with base b and height h Area 1/2 x b x h           
Equilateral triangle with side x Area = (3/4)x2         
Parallelogram Area = Base x Height
Rhombus with diagonals d1 and d2 Area = 1/2(d1xd2)        
Trapezium Area = 1/2 (Sum of parallel sides)
× height
Quadrilateral with Diagonal d 1/2 (d) (Sum of perpendiculars on d
from opposite vertices)
Circle with radius r Circumference = 2 πr
Area = πr2
Area of sector =πr2θ/360


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