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Summary of Formulae

Areas of different plane figures, Surface areas of solids:


Plane Area


Triangle (any) ½ b h b = base, h = height
Right angled triangle ½ b h b = base, h = height
Equilateral triangle √3/4 a2 a = any side
Quadrilateral (any) b/4 √(4a2 - b2) b = base, a = any of the tow equal sides
Square ½ d(p1 + p2) d = diagonal, p1,p2 perpendiculars to diagonals from opposite vertices
Rectangle a2 a = any side
Square l b l = length, b = breadth
Rectangle b h b = base, h = height
Parallelogram ½ d1 d2 d1, d2 = diagonals
Rhombus ½ h (s1 + s2) s1,s2 = parallel
Trapezium ½ d1 d2 d1,d2 = diagonals
Circle r2 r = radius
Cube 6a2 a = any edge
Circle 2rh R = base radius, h = height
 Volumes are given by the following table:
Solid Formula Shape
Cube with side x Volume = x3
Surface area = 6x2
Longest diagonal = √3x
Cuboid with length l, 
breadth b and height h units
Volume = l × b × h
Longest diagonal = √l2 + b2 + h2
Cylinder with radius r and height h Volume =πr2h
Surface area = 2πrh
Total surface area = 2rh+2r2
Sphere with radius r Volume = (4/3)πr3
Surface area = 4πr2
Cone with radius r and height h Volume = (1/3)πr2h
Slant height l = √r2+h2
Curved surface area =  rl

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