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Bar Diagram

Bar Diagram: The bar or column diagram consists of separated bars or columns. These are called single or one-dimensional because the size is represented by the length of the bar only. These are further classified as:


(i) Vertical Bar: The bars in this are vertically placed.

The following example sales of a particular company in different quarters.

Horizontal Bar


(ii) Horizontal Bar: In this the bars are horizontally placed. We give below and example of horizontal bars but with multiple bars. The same information given above has been reprtesented in horizontal bars this time.


Another type of representation in which different variables can be represented is as follows:

For example, we can represent in the above figure the percentage of employees working in a company in different departments. If we take the triangle, we can find out how many people are working in the three departments by means of representing them by means of a point. The position of the point in relation with the triangle and the distance from the vertex will determine its value. It will show us the number of employees in the particular department. For Marketing, we consider the triangle as it is. For finance, we have to flip the triangle so that the vertex of finance comes on top, while for Personnel, the triangle has to be flipped so that the vertex of Personnel comes on top.

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