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In these sets a connection between given elements is described- along with directionality at times. Best way to solve these problems is to placing the elements on a map and connecting them.


In these games a connection between elements is described – along with directionality at times. Here the best way of solving the game is placing the elements on a map and connecting them. Let us look at an example below.


In a message relay system there are exactly seven terminals—F, G, H, J, K, L, and M. A terminal can transmit any messages initiated by that terminal as well as any messages received from others, but only according to specific rules:


Messages can be transmitted in either direction between G and H, in either direction between J and

M, and in either direction between K and L.

Messages can be transmitted from F to K, from H to J, from K to G, from M to F, and from M to H.

Let us now draw out a map Using the first statement we can draw a map of 4 elements as below.


Now let us use the next statement data and add on other elements to the map above.


 Now let us look at the problems.



Which of the seven terminals can transmit messages directly to the greatest number of terminals?
(A) F
(B) H
(C) J
(D) K
(E) M


Let us write down the number of terminals of direct transmission for each option. For F – 1, H – 2, J – 1, K – 2, M – 3. So the answer is M.



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