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Important Laws and Identities

(a) CommutativeLawofAddition:a+b=b+a

(b) AssociativeLawofAddition:(a+b)+c=a+(b+c)

(c) AdditiveIdentity–“0”:a+0=a

(d) AdditiveInverse:a+(–a)=0.-a is the additive inverse of a and vice versa.

(e) Commutative Law of Multiplication: a × b = b a

(f) Associative Law of Multiplication: (a × b) c = a × (b × c)

(g) MultiplicativeIdentity–“1”:a×1=a

(h) MultiplicativeInverse:a×(1/a)=1.1/a is the multiplicative inverse of a and vice versa.

(i) Distributivelaw:(a+b)×c=ac+bc

j) Multiplicativepropertyof“0”:a×0=0

(k) Multiplicative property of “–1”: (–1) × a = –a

(l) a×1/b=a/b,whereb0.

(m) a/b÷c=a/b×1/c=a/bc,whereb,c0 (n) a/b÷c/d=a/b×d/c=ad/bc,whereb,c0

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