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Crack some Myths

a) A high level of maths or calculations is not required. Students are advised to concentrate on a familiarity with numbers through tables, squares, cubes, etc.

b) Knowledge of statistical techniques is also not required. So if you are not familiar with mean, mode, standard deviation and time series analysis, it is not a cause to worry about.

c) Quickness in calculation does not mean that a person will be able to attempt the questions well. We have noticed that rather than quickness CAT looks towards mental alertness – the ability to spot data required rather than long calculations

d) However, quickness in reading is required. Very often students look at a long question and are unable to figure out what is required (which column, which row?). Hence, a student must be good at reading English.

Sometimes lengthy questions are given. A large table or chart is given and a student has to do is to rank the items. It is a work of patience rather than calculation. For example, a question gave the World Bank tables of birth and death rates of more than 50 countries and a student was required to rank the countries. The question then asked was: which country would rank 37th? Now if a student made even a single mistake in counting the countries, he would make a mistake.

Questions are easy but the chances of error, especially to a student concerned with time – are very high indeed. The questions are very clear and all it requires is the ability to understand them. Sometimes questions can be answered by using a quick approximation.



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