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Measurement of angles in Radians and Degrees

Radian System

In the radian system of angular measurement, the measure of one revolution is 2π. 

Thus half a circle, then, is π.  And, therefore, each right angle is half of π i.e.  

Three right angles will be 3. 

Five right angles will be  and so on (Please refer the figure on the right hand side)



Radians into Degrees   

Here are certain examples that are used very frequently 

 is half of , a right angle, and so it is equal to 45°. 



  is one-third of π, and so is equal to 180°/ 3 =  60°.



  is one-sixth of π, and so is equal to 180°/ 6 =  30°.



  = 5.  = 5 x 45° = 225°



  is one-third of 2π, and so is equal to one-third of a revolution i.e. 360°/ 3 =  120°.



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