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Extent of unemployment in India

In the beginning of the first 5 year plan (FYP-1), the backlog of unemployment was 3.3 million which was added by another 9.0 million during the plan. The plan, however, provided employment to 7 million, thus leaving a backlog of 5.3 million at the beginning of FYP-2. In the subsequent plans, the backlog has been increasing due to addition to the labour force. The labour force increased by about 36 million during 1997-2002. Thus, the total number of persons requiring employment would be 70 million over this period. The tenth plan targeted to create 50 million jobs. The 61st round result of the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) shows that, above 47 million persons were provided employment during 2000-05. 11th FYP{2007-12} aims at generating 58 million work opportunities. NSSO survey shows an increase in work opportunities to the tune of 18 million under CDS between 2004-05 and 2009-10. However the overall labour force expanded by 11.7 million, which means new entrants to job markets were considerably less than the job created during this period. According to NSSO (66th round), the unemployment rate was 6.60 during 2009-10 as per Current Daily Status basis (CDS).

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