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History of Computer

This chapter deals with the Cause-Effect Relationship. Cause is an event that leads to another event, which is its effect. Therefore, in context of two mutually related events, cause must come first followed by the effect. Lets take an example with a set of three statements.
  1. The Indian cricket team worked hard for the last four years with the new coach.
  2. The Indian team won the World Cup after their consistent efforts.
  3. The team reached the No.1 rankings after their huge success.
If we observe the first two statements, 1 is the CAUSE and 2nd is the EFFECT. It is clear that after a consistent hard work of four years, they won the World Cup.
Observing the last two statements, 2nd is the cause and 3rd its effect. 
As their success led them to the No.1 spot.
Another important point to note here is that the 2nd statement is cause in the first case and effect in the second case.
The examiner will never ask you by giving a single statement, whether it is cause or effect. Always two statements will be given together, to judge the cause-effect relationship between them.
In general, the questions comprise of following answer options: (comprising of statement I and II)
  1. I is cause and II its effect.
  2. II is cause and I its effect.
  3. Both are independent causes.
  4. Both statements are effects of independent causes.
  5. Both statements are effects of common cause.

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