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Data Sufficiency

A typical Data sufficiency question contains a problem followed by statements numbered I and II (sometimes three) containing certain data or information which may be required for solving the given problem. In this type of question we are required to determine whether the problem can be solved with the help of the data provided in the first statement and/or the second statement. Thus this type of question judge the candidates ability to determine the information necessary to solve a given question.


Points to Remember:
  • You must be able to determine the minimum information required for solving the question.
  • Apart from the information given in the question and the statement, nothing should be taken for granted.
  • Candidate should not to assume anything beyond the information given in the question.


  1. Blood – Relation
  2. Ranking and Direction
  3. Coding – Decoding
  4. Mathematical Operator
  5. Seating Arrangement and so on

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