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Insurance Repository

On 16th September 2013, IRDA launched 'Insurance Repository' services in India. It is a unique concept and first to be introduced in India. This system enables policy holders to buy and keep insurance policies in dematerialized or electronic form. Policy holders can hold all his insurance policies in an electronic format in a single account called electronic insurance account (eIA). Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has issued licenses to five entities to act as Insurance Repository:
NSDL Database Management Limited, Central Insurance Repository Limited ( CIRL ), SHCIL Projects Limited, Karvy Insurance repository Limited, CAMS Repository Services Limited
The Insurance Act of 1938 was the first legislation governing all forms of insurance to provide strict state control over insurance business.Life insurance in India was completely nationalized on 19 January 1956, through the Life Insurance Corporation Act. All 245 insurance companies operating then in the country were merged into one entity, the Life Insurance Corporation of India.
The government then introduced the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act in 1999, thereby de-regulating the insurance sector and allowing private companies. Furthermore, foreign investment was also allowed and capped at 26% holding in the Indian insurance companies.(Current 49%).
The primary regulator for insurance in India is the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) which was established in 1999 under the government legislation called the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999.

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