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Spreadsheet Package

This is a general purpose application software. Spreadsheet is a made up Rows and columns. You can use Spreadsheet for mathematical calculation, creating chart, accounts etc.


Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet. You can use it to organize your data into rows and columns. You can also use it to perform mathematical calculations quickly. Spreadsheets are made up of
  • columns
  • rows
  • and their intersections are called cells
In each cell there may be the following types of data
  • text
  • number data
  • formulas (mathematical equations that do all the work)

Note:- In 2003 Excel there are 256 columns (A to IV) and 65,536 rows (1 to 65,536). In 2007 excel, there are 16384 columns (A to XFD) i.e 64 times of 2003 excel columns and 10,48,576 rows (1 to 10,48,576) i.e 16 times of 2003 excel rows.

Starting Excel

You can start excel by: Double clicking on Microsoft Excel application icon. This application is usually in a fold called Excel. An icon appears on the desktop of the computer.
Double clicking on the icon of any Excel document. When you double click an Excel document, Excel open with the document already loaded.
In Excel 2007, how a window displays depends on the size of your window, the size of your monitor, and the resolution to which your monitor is set. Resolution determines how much information your computer monitor can display.

The Microsoft Office Button

You can find button in the left corner of the Excel 2007. When you click the button, a menu appears. You can use the menu to create a new file, open an existing file, save a file, and perform many other tasks.
The Quick Access Toolbar:- Quick access toolbar is next to the Microsoft button of the excel. The Quick Access toolbar provides save, undo, redo button and edit shape. You can use Save to save your file, Undo to rollback an action you have taken, and Redo to reapply an action you have rolled back.
Description: Quick Access Toolbar
The Title Bar:- You can find the title bar next to the Quick Access toolbar. The Title bar displays the title of the document on which you are currently working.

Screen Of Excel 2003

Description: excel interface  graphic

Screen Of Excel 2007

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