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Parts of a Window

All the windows have the same basic parts. To open any application on window that have toolbar, maximize, minimize button, close button, scrollbar boarders and corners.
  • Toolbar:- In Toolbar it displays the name of the documents and program.
  • Maximize, minimize button, and close button:- These buttons hide the window, enlarge the window and close the windows.
  • Menu Bar:- It contains the item that you click to make choice.
  • Scroll Bar:- Scrolls bar scroll the contents of the windows.
Moving a Window:- To move a window, point to the file and folder with the mouse pointer and then drag the window to the desired location.
  • Changing the size of the window:-
    • To make a window fill the entire screen click on maximize button or double click on windows icon.
    • To return a maximized window to its former size click on restore button.
    • To Resize the window point to any the windows’s borders or corners.
A window that is maximized cannot be resized. You have to restore it to its previous size first. Shortcut of the maximize the current windows then press Ctrl + F10.
  • Hiding a window:- Hiding of your current window is know is minimizing the windows. If you want to hide the window without closing it then minimize it by clicking on minimize button. The short cut of minimizing window is to press window button + M
  • Closing a Window:- Closing a window means removing it from the desktop. If you have completed your work on the document then you can click you close button to remove it from the desktop. You can use the shortcut command also by pressing on Alt + F4
Switching between windows:- If you have open more than one program or document on your desktop then you can use ALT + TAB to switch between opened program.

Computer shutdown:- After using the computer, you can exit from it, which is to as shutting down the computer.

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