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Trophies and Terms associated with Sports

Base Ball:
Terms: Base, Battery, Bunting, Catcher, Diamond, Hitter, Home, Infield, Outfield, Pinch, Pitcher plate, Putout, Short stop, Strike


Terms: Baulk line, Bolting, Cannon, Cue, Hazard, In-off, Jigger, Long Jenney, Pot, Scratch, Screw back, Short Jenney, Spot stroke


Term: Baseline, Carry, centre Line, Back Court, Fault, hairpin net shot, half-court shot, Let, Rally, wood shot, deuce, Drop, Love all, Smash, Feint, Balk, clear.
Trophies: Agarwal Cup , Amrit Diwan Cup, Australian Cup, Chadha Cup, European Cup, Harilela Cup, Konica Cup, Ibrahim Rahimatollah Challenge Cup, Narang Cup, Sophia Kitiakara Cup, SR Ruia Cup, Thomas Cup, Tunku Abdul Rahman Cup, Uber Cup, World Cup, Yonex Cup.


Terms: Ball, Hack a Shaq, Point forward, Basket, Swingman, Blocking, swish, Carrying, Dribbling, Free throw, Held ball, Holding, Jump ball, Multiple throws, Pivot, Shifting, Zone
Trophies: NBA, Basalat Jha Trophy, BC Gupta Trophy, Federation Cup, SM Arjuna Raja Trophy, Todd memorial Trophy, William Jones Cup.


Boat Rowing:
Terms: Bow, Bucket, Cow, Ergometer, Feather, Paddle, Ragatta
Trophies: American Cup (Yatch racing), Wellington Trophy (India)


Boxing :
Terms: Auxiliary point system, Babit punch, Break, Cut, Defence, Down, Hook, Jab, Lying on, Knock out, Seconds out, Slam, Upper cut, Weight in, Win by knockout.
Trophies: Aspy Adjania Trophy, Federation Cup.


Terms: Holkar Trophy, Ruia Gold Cup, Singhania Trophy.


Terms: Bishop, Castle, Checkmate, Gambit, King, Knight, Pawan, Queen, Rook, Stalemate


Terms: Agricultural Shot, Anchor, Appeal, Ashes, Asking rate, Back Foot, Back lift, bail, ball, bat, beamer, beehive, bodyline, bouncer, boundary, Bump Ball, Bye, Cameo, Carrom Ball, Chin Music, dilscoop, Doosra, googly, Caught, Chinaman, Cover Drive, Crease, Drive, Duck, Follow on, Googly, Hat-trick, Draw, Duck Worth Lewis, feather touch, flipper, free hit, forward defence, French cut, gully, hawk-eye, Yorker, hook, maiden, Nelson, off side, on side, out swing, pinch hitter, pitch, popping crease, powerplay, tail ender, unde arm, Hit wicket, l.b.w., Legbreak, Leg bye, Maiden over, No ball, Off break, On drive, Out, Over, Pitch, Popping crease, Rubber, Run Down, Run out, Sixer, Silly Point, Square leg, Stone walling, Straight drive, Stumped, Wicket.
Trophies: Anthony D’Mellow Trophy, Ashes, Asia Cup, Benson and Hedges Cup, Bose Trophy, Champions Trophy, Charminar Challenge Cup, CKNayudu Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Cooch-Behar Trophy, Deodar Trophy, GDBirla Trophy, Gillette Cup, Ghulam Ahmad Trophym, Jawaharlal Nehru Cup, McDowells Challenge Cup, Merchant Trophy, Moin-ud-Dowla Cup, Natwest Trophy, Prudential Cup, Sharjah Cup, Rani Jhansi Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Rohinton Baria Trophy, Rothmans Cup, Sheesh Mahal Trophy, Sheffield Shield, Texaco Cup, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Vijay Merchant Trophy, Vizzy Trophy, Wills Trophy, World Series Cup, Ashes cup.


Terms: Midfieler, Banana Kick, Bicycle Kick, Centre Circle, Centre Line, Centre Spot, Chest Trap, Chip pass, defenders, Bootleg, Corner kick, Direct free kick, Dribble, Goal kick, free kick, header, hat trick, handball, juggling, Off side, Penalty kick, Thown in, Tripping, Back, forward line, forward pass, Red Card, Yellow Card, Back Heel
Trophies: Airlines Cup, America Cup, Asia Cup, Asian Women’s Cup, Bandodkar Trophy, B.C.Roy Trophy, Begum Hazrat Mahal Cup, Bicentennial Gold Cup, Bordoloi Trophy, Colombo Cup, DCM Cup, Winner’s Cup, Durand Cup, European Cup, FA Cup, Federation Cup, G.V.Raja Memorial Trophy, Gold Cup, Governor’s Cup, Great Wall Cup, IFA Shield, Independence Day Cup, Indira Gandhi Trophy, Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup, Jules Rimet Trophy, Kalinga Cup, Kings Cup, Nehru Gold Cup, Nizam Gold Cup, Raghbir Singh Memorial Cup, Rajiv Gandhi Trophy, Rovers Cup, Sanjay Gold Cup, Santosh Trophy, Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy, Stafford Cup, Subroto Cup, U.S.Cup, Vittal Trophy, World Cup, National League.


Terms: Best-ball foursome, Bogey, Bunker, Caddie, Dormy, Fairway, Fourball, Foursome, Greed holes, Links, Niblic, Par, Put, Rough, Stymied, Tee, Threesome
Trohpies: Canada Cup, Eisenhower Trophy, Muthiah Gold Cup, Nomura Trophy Paralamdi Trophy, Prince of Wales Cup, Ryder Cup, Walker Cup, US Masters, U.S. Open, U.S.PGA Championship, British Open Championship.


Terms: Bully, Carry, Corner, Dribble, Hat-trick, Off-side, Roll-in, Scoop, Short corner, Stick, Striking circle, Tie-breaker, Forward, Hooking, Slashing, winger, tripping,
Trophies: Agha Khan Cup, Allwyan Asia cup, Azlan Shah Cup, Beighton cup, BMW Trophy, Bombay Gold Cup, Champions Trophy, Clarke Trophy, Dhyan Chand Trophy, Esanda Champions Cup, Gurmeet Trophy, Guru Nanak Cup Gyanvati Devi Trophy, Indira Gandhi Cup, Intercontinental Cup, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Cup, Kuppaswamy Naidu Cup, Lady Rattan Tata Cup (women), Lal Bahadur Shastri Cup, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Modi Gold Cup, Murugappa Gold Cup, Nehru Trophy, Obaidullah Gold Cup, Ranga Swami Cup, Shriram Trophy, Tun Abdul Razak Cup, Wellington Cup, World Cup, Yadavindra Cup.


Terms: Bunker, Chukker, Mallet
Trophies: Ezar Cup, Prithi Singh Cup, Radha Mohan Cup, Winchester Cup.


Table Tennis:
Terms: Backspin, Blade, chop, counter loop, flick, gluing up, penhold, ping pong, smah, top spin
Trophies: Asian Cup, Berna Bellack Cup, Corbillion Cup (women), Electra Gold cup(women), Gasper Giest Prize, Grand Prix, Jayalaxmi cup (women), Kamala ramanujan cup, Pithapuram cup (Men), Swaythling cup (men), Travancore Cup (women), U Thant cup, World Cup.


Lawn Tennis:
Terms: Ace, Advantage, Ball Boy, Base Line, Backhand Stroke, Break, Deuce, Double Fault, Fault, Drop Shot, Grand Slam, Hawk-eye, Lob, Ground stroke, Half volley, Let, Smash, Volley,
Trohies: Ambre Solaire Cup, Davis Cup, Dr Rajendra Prasad Cup, Edgbaston cup, Federation Cup, Ghafar Cup, Grand Prix, hamlet cup, Mercedes Cup, Nations’s Cup, Weightman Cup, Wimbledon Trophy, World Cup, US Open, French Open, Australian Open.


Terms: Blocking, Doubling, Heave, Holding, Love, Point, Service, Volley
Trophies: Federation Cup, Shivanthi Gold cup, World cup.


Terms: Half Nelson, Head lock, Heave, Hold, Rebouts, Scissor
Trophies: Bharat Kesari, Burdwan shield, World Cup.

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