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Syllogism is an important topic of Logical reasoning. Generally a set of 5-6 questions asked in the competitive examination this type of question can be solved using Venn-diagram.
Generally there are following type of syllogism.
Statement Type

Type 1

All books are pen

Type 2

No book is pen

Type 3

Some book are pen

Type 4

Some book are not pen


Conclusion type

Type 1: All books are pen

Type 2: No books are pen

Type 3: Some books are pen

Type 4: some books are not pen

Type 5: All books are pen possibly

Type 6: At least some books are pen

In this type of question some statement are given and you have to find out conclusion from its. Let’s take a statement

‘All books are pen’


Now ‘it is written that all books are pen what conclusion you make. You make following conclusion on it

  1. Some pens are book
  2. Some books are pen

Now see Venn-diagram of it

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