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Computer is electronic machine which is capable of performing arithmetic and logical operation according to the instruction given by the user.


Modern computer is based on analytical engine developed by Charles Babbage. He is considered as father of modern computer Basic architecture of electronic computer is given by Johan Von Neumann. According to this architecture computer consist of following components.

1. Memory System which store input data and result before it is output on the screen.

2. Input and Output System like Monitor and keyboard.

3. CPU(Central processing Unit ) with ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit) and CU(Control Unit)

Thus, we can say computer is a collection of different sub system. All the processing are done in CPU with the help of ALU and CU. Data in computer is represent in 0 and 1 know as binary form. Single 0 or 1 is know as bit and collection of eight bit is know as byte. Byte is a basic unit to represent data in computer.

Computer can not work by its own, it work according to the instruction given by the user. Collection of instruction in proper sequence to perform some task is know as Software. Therefore we can say that computer is made of basic components –

1) Hardware

2) Software

There are different type of computer which has different speed, cost and application. like Micro Computer, mini Computer, Main Frame Computer and Super Computer.

Micro Computer is slowest, cheapest and use in simple application. e.g PC, Home Computer laptop. Super Computer is fastest, costliest and use in special application like Weather fore casting, scientific research etc.

Computer can also be classified on the basis their functioning like
1) Analog Computer
2) Digital Computer
Analog computer is generally use for measurement and Digital Computer is use for calculation. Most of the modern computer are Digital.

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